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Skin and Hair Care

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  • The Many Benefits of Himalayan Salt Soap

    • Gently and thoroughly cleanses
    • Improves mineral status of the body
    • Stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies the body by balancing systematic pH making it suitable for all skin types
    • Naturally exfoliates dull dead skin cells with its crystalline structure
    • Regulates the production of skin oil
    • Softens and soothes skin ailments and itchiness caused by severe skin issues, eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
    • Heals, Rejuvenates and strengthens skin tissues
    • Relieves itching and reduces redness and inflammation caused by eczema, psoriasis, and acne
    • Salt minerals kill bacteria while neutralizing body odor
    • Anti-aging properties
    • Reduces muscle cramps by improving minerals and hydration.
    • Soothes tired muscles and alleviates pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue.

    This all natural chemical-free bar can be used as a natural and healthy alternative for eliminating odor-causing bacteria.

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    • Hydrates, Moisturises, Helps Puffy Eyes and Brighten Eye Areas
    • Anti-Wrinkle
    • Soothes Tiring Eyes
    • Help Dark Ring

    ​​​​​​​Wowo eye cream have a built in massage tip to help in penetration and massage for better absorption lifting effect. 

    • Eye cream ingredient: 
      1) chamomile – helps to calm the nerves after long day of straining, anti aging, moisturizing and improve on sensitive skin 
      2) coleus forskohlii – help to clear blur vision (when massaging) 
      3) chlorella- help in activating and repairing of cells, antioxidant, promote tissue cell growth 
      4) Squalane – diminish chloasma,lighten dark eye ring, reduce water retention, increase metabolism

      Wowo Collagen eye cream directions:
      1. squeeze out an adequate amount of eye cream
      2. apply cream around the eye
      3. turn on the vibration switch
      4. massage in clockwise to draw circles around the eye, gently massaging from inner to outer eye area to promote its absorption
      5. suggested use: once in the morning and and night. Each about 3 minutes for each eye.

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    • Made with Natural Plant Ingredients
    • Quickly repairs and restores dry & damaged hair
    • Gives you Soft and Silky Hair
    • Improves split ends
    • Strength hair follicles
    • Suitable for pregnant women and kids too
    • Rose Petal fragrant
    • UV Protection
    • NO oily sensation
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    • Natural quality without additive and artificial colouring.
    • Improves scalp blood circulation
    • Prevents hair loss and hair breakage
    • Stimulates hair follicle cells to promote hair growth
    • Anti- dandruff
    • Provides oil control to inhibit bacterial growth
    • PROVEN less hair loss results in 2 weeks!
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    • NO addictives
    • NO parabens
    • NO silicon oil
    • Natural Ingredients
    • Prevents hair breakage and hair loss
    • Stimulates the hair follicles to promote hair growth
    • Anti-dandruff
    • Provides oil control to inhibit bacterial growth
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    • Box of 5 Sheets
    • whitening effects, optimal hydration and repair damage/dry skin
    • Improve skin nutrition metabolism
    • Balance PH value and control oil secretion of skin
    • Reduce fine lines and pores tightening
    • Enhance skin elasticity and delay skin aging
    • Treat sensitive skin. 
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Showing all 6 results

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