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Educational Toy

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  • Description:
    This is a automatically Coin Bank with a cute monkey/doggy design which will come out of cardboard box and grab your coins from the fish dish. Only need put the coins on the coin-place, the monkey will help you to “eat”, then help you to save it. In a few words, it’s a perfect gift for your children and can teach the importance of saving money.

    Main Features:
    Creative battery operated monkey coin bank.
    Put the coin on the dish, the monkey will stealing it with sound.
    This robotic monkey will gladly steal out your spare change and save money for you.
    Realistic movements and accepts virtually all coins.
    One of the most adorable coin banks in the world, greatly help you to develop a good habit of saving money.
    Runs on 2 x AA batteries (not included).
    Great gift for your children and friend.

    Products Type: Piggy Bank
    Style: Cute
    Material: Plastic
    Package Contents: 1 x Piggy Bank (Doggy OR Monkey)

  • This is a automatically Coin Bank which a piggy will come out of box and grab your coins from. The best thing about these guys is the fact they will give your money back whenever you want them to. Cartoon Characters pops out of the box to steal your coins. They will hide in box. When a coin is placed on top of the box, it will pop out, snatch coin, go back into box.

    • Requires 2 AA-size batteries (not included)
    • Holds up to 40 (50cents size coins)
    • 11.5(L) x 9.5(B) x 9(H) CM

    How to use

    – Confirm the coin outlet is closed.
    – Turn the bottom power switch to ON position.
    – Put a coin to correct position and gently press the coin, starting the program.
    – After about one second, start up procedure began to work.
    – The animal head rises to jack up the box cover, and its hand will take the coin into the box.

  • – Free Delivery Via Singapore Normal Mail (Takes 3-5 working days)
    – Comes with battery included
    – Save the world with the new writing tablet
    – Each new battery last 50,000 erased
    – Battery Size: CR2016

    • Fill it up with goodies and treats. Use the controls to move the claw and try to capture a prize
    • Children will enjoy the challenge of trying to win the goodies from the UFO catcher, all before the music runs out
    • Provides great entertainment for children parties and family events. Can also be used for lucky draws
    • Upgraded to USB power AND battery operated (3*Size D)
    • Includes 10 Soft toys and 20 tokens

Showing all 5 results

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