Disposable Helium Gas Tank

S$39.90 S$37.90

100% Sealed and comes with capping in an event if you need to keep the remaining gas for next usage
Disposable and Portable (User Friendly)
S Tank
- Inflate 30pcs of 9 inches size balloons

L Tank
- Inflate 50 pcs of 9 inches size balloons

🎈 Disposable Helium Balloon Gas Tank 🎈
✅ High Quality, USA Direct Helium Gas
✅ Ready with Local Stock in Warehouse
✅ Pure Helium Tanks Filled with 100% QC
✅ Additional sealed to prevent gas leakage
✅ Welcome to our store for demo

🔈 100% Natural Helium Gas from USA as helium gas is a natural gas from underground field in USA and it's not flammable, 100% safe and no compromise in quality compare to factory made helium gas therefore our helium gas is 100% non-flammable

🔈Wide varieties of balloon supplies, buy them together with our helium tank to save on courier fee

🔈Our helium tank comes with capping that you can keep the tank for future usage if there is gas remaining . Pls refer to listing picture for details instruction

🔈In an event you need more helium gas, please contact us for same day delivery(Sunday not included) or simply walk in to our store to purchase.

Helium Tank Size S L
9inch Latex Balloon up to 30pcs up to 50pcs
12inch Latex Balloon (Macdonal Balloon) 15-20pcs 35-40pcs
18inch Foil (Common Animal Balloons) 5-7pcs 18-22pcs
32inch large Foil 1-2pcs 3-5pcs

Q: Do I need to return the tank after used?
They are disposable tank and you can discard into any metal recycling bin after used. The tank is made of 100% recyclable materials

Q: Is Helium dangerous? Can I place it inside my car boot?
Helium gas is very safe, odorless and non combustible.  

Q: Is it difficult to use?
It is meant for home use and is very user friendly. 1st remove the black cover and screw in the nozzle, then turn the valve anti clockwise, bend nozzle up to release gas.

Q: Are you sure it can inflate 30 and 50pcs
If you follow our balloon size guide, 30 and 50pcs of balloons are base on 9inch size. The bigger size your balloon, the lesser you can inflate with the same capacity of helium gas.

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