Professional Grade DMAX 230 Kick Scooter

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Smooth Ball Bearing and Slim standing board

ABEC 11 Ball Bearing (Smoothest Bearing)

What is bearing rating? The rating recognised in engineering is the ABEC standard, short for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, named after the body that established the standard.

The ABEC ratings are (from lowest precision to highest precision) 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. Most kick scooters in the market use bearings rated ABEC 5 to 7.

The higher the precision, the lower the rolling resistance/friction. Lower friction translates into a longer glide distance for every push. This can be readily experienced when riding a scooter, and is often what makes you feel or judge if a scooter is 'fast' or 'slow'.

The Higher the ABEC rating, the tigher, more round, and better the individual bearings are inside the casings. Ball bearings are important for ultimately they are the reason we can all scoot and skate.

ABEC 7 Less than 43,000 rpm
ABEC 9 Less than 50,500 rpm
ABEC 11 Less than 63,000 rpm
The higher the grade of ball bearings, the smoother, longer and easier for you to scoot! What's best? A good ball bearing definitely gives you the most fun in scooting!

A bigger scooter wheel will give more clearance to the ground which can be either a positive or negative aspect depending each and every rider.
A larger wheel will have the ability to roll faster.

Large wheels
(200 & 230mm diameter)


Longer glide distance per push (Better rolling efficiency)

Better shock absorption

More chances of rolling safely over random objects on the ground (like twigs, pebbles) or cracks

Usually with larger deck for comfortable

Professional Grade Scooter
Enhance material - More firm and stable
Front wheel 230mm wide
Dual Suspension
Weight: 6kg
Max load: 120KG

Q: Does the scooter have any warranty?
Yes, we cover 6 months warranty against manufacturing defect excluding cosmetic defect/damages done by user. We will have the final judgement after assessing the unit in store.

Q: What is the difference between this and other model?
DMAX uses premium grade aluminium frame and overall built is more firm and stable for bigger adults.

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